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Q² Trim has a formula that allows it to be applied on different vehicle’s parts: on plastics with their own structure, on unpainted parts, on so-called piano black finishes, which are most problematic to maintain, and on tail- and headlight covers after having them renovated. That unique quality is unlikely to be found in other available products.

Gyeon Trim 30ml

  • Q² Trim is not just a protective coating, but represents very strong restorative/colour enhancement qualities. TIP: On porous, non-painted surfaces you may apply the product without wiping off. Ensure a very even finish and just leave the product to dry and cure. It will retain it’s initial look for months! You may use a foam applicator on trim with porous structure for a even finish.


    CONSUMPTION: 30ml / 5-10 cars


    PH TOLERANCE: 2-11


    THICKNESS: 0,2 - 0,5qm

    DURABILITY: >24months